The Lysekil project

The wave energy research group at Uppsala University test fullscale devices and technology solutions at a research test site outside the town Lysekil at the west coast of Sweden. At the site, not only the wave energy technology is studied, but also how a wave energy park may influence the local marine environment.

A Datawell Waverider wave measuring buoy was installed in 2004 and measures the waves at the site continuously. The first fullscale wave energy device was installed in 2006. Since then, a large number of wave energy generators, buoys, marine substations and various wave energy technology has been deployed and studied in a long series of experiments at the site.

From the gathered information on wave height and length, one can calculate something that may be thought of as a mean wave height, through a so called spectral analysis. This is called the significant wave height. The significant wave height is not only important for the knowledge of how large the waves are that fall in towards the coast, but it is also needed for the calculations of the amount of power flux that enters the research area, and for calculations on the amount energy that is carried by the waves.

For more information on the Lysekil wave energy project, please contact Rafael Waters.

Current wave climate at Islandsberg

Last modified: 2023-06-26