We give courses in materials science, materials analysis and tribology aimed for:

  • Master students
  • Doctoral students
  • Employees at companies

Undergraduate courses

We give courses to student within the following programmes


Degree projects

We always have a number of interesting ideas for degree projects that can be carried out here at the Tribomaterials group. They often have an applied character, as the experiments and the analysis included are based on a real life industrial application.

The projects can be tailored according to the students' special interests. The emphasis can for example be material synthesis, tribological testing, material analysis or development of test equipment.

Examples on current ideas for degree projects include work aiming to:

  • Evaluation of wear mechanisms of tools for agricultural applications
  • Desig of additive manufactured tool composites for tought contact situations
  • Initial wear mechanisms in impact
  • Study effect of access to oxygen in slow wear of hard materials working on soft alloys
  • Wear mechanisms and wear resistance of powder metallurgy HSS in cold working applications

More detailed descriptions of some suggestions for degree projects can be found here.

As a student you are encouraged to visit us to discuss degree project ideas.

Doctoral courses

The doctoral courses we offer to graduate students all concern different aspects of tribology.

The courses are part of a national network in which different universities contribute to a set of courses suitable for research students in tribology: The National Research School in Tribology.

We contribute with the following courses:

  • Surface analysis
  • Tribological coatings and materials
  • Friction and wear in unlubricated contacts
  • Energy aspects of tribology

Contract Education

We also give courses specifically aimed for company employees.

The most frequently given courses are:

  • Scanning electron microscopy - a course to prepare employees to become skilled operators at the SEM. This course is most often given at the Ångström Laboratory and utilizes the instruments located here. But the course can also customized to individual companies and their specific instruments.
  • Tribology – Courses on tribology are most often given at different companies and the courses are tailored to suit their specific interest in tribology.

In addition, employees at companies may also attend the research school courses described above.

Last modified: 2022-10-28