Jannica Heinrichs Lindgren

Docent in Engineering Sciences with specialization in Tribomaterials

I am a researcher in the field of tribology and my research is focused on surface interactions, with the aim to increase the understanding of what takes place in the contact between two surfaces.

One example is from the forming industry, where the adhesion between a work material and a forming tool can be so strong that work material sticks to the tool. This will eventually lead to scrap products and unplanned production stops, when it becomes necessary to change the tool. My thesis entitled "On transfer of work materials to tools" addresses this particular issue.

My research also includes e.g. the interactions between cutting tools and work materials, between drill bits and rock and between component surfaces in an engine. By studying what happens initially, when the surfaces come into contact, we can understand how material transfer and wear are initiated. This increased knowledge can subsequently be used to improve performance and extend the life of both components and tools in production.

In my research I use advanced analytical techniques, especially electron microscopy but also various types of chemical analysis and surface profiling, combined with tribological testing.

Besides research I teach in Materials in Energy Systems I and Materials Knowledge for undergraduate students, as well as courses in materials analysis and tribology for graduate students.

Jannica Heinrichs Lindgren

Researcher at Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Applied Materials Science

+4618-471 3085
Mobile phone:
+46 70 5842349


Last modified: 2023-02-03