Lisa Toller-Nordström

PhD student in Engineering Sciences with Specialisation in Tribo Materials

Since 2013 it is known that cobalt powder is carcinogenic upon inhalation. Knowing this, it becomes important to investigate alternatives in processes where cobalt powder is used. One such process is the manufacturing of hardmetals, also known as cemented carbides, where cobalt powder traditionally is used as a binder phase for tungsten carbide.

When alternative binders are used the properties of the hardmetal changes and new phenomena can appear. In my research I try to understand how wear and deformation of hardmetal turning inserts are affected by the change in binder phase.

I use electron microscopy (SEM and TEM) and electron diffraction to study wear and deformation, ranging from macroscopic plastic deformation to small changes in the microstructure.

When cobalt is replaced with an iron rich binder phase it is possible to use the knowledge accumulated in the steel industry. One such project has been to investigate deformation induced martensite. To identify small deformed grains of a different phase in a deformed matrix I have used electron diffraction, including EBSD and TKD in the SEM and SAD and micro-probe in the TEM.

I have a BSc in Chemical Engineering with Engineering Physics and a MSc in Applied Physics from Chalmers University of Technology. I will defend my thesis 6 December 2019.


Last modified: 2023-06-26