Robin Elo

Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering Science with specialization in Tribo Materials 

Many industrial applications require extremely low wear to maintain function and energy efficiency during their expected lifetime. To achieve this, the materials must withstand forces, temperatures and other loads that may seem impossible. By planning and implementing realistic testing and carefully analysing how the materials change in contact and react with their surroundings, we can build up the understanding that is needed to continue manufacturing better components and save energy in the future.

My research has mainly been focused on tribofilm formation on valves in internal combustion engines, this was the subject of my thesis – Protective Tribofilms on Combustion Engine Valves. Since my dissertation I have worked with surface coatings for increased wear resistance and stone transfer on rock drilling buttons. I have also been involved in several smaller projects on tribology during my years at the Ångström laboratory.

In common for almost all the projects I have worked with is a great focus on advanced materials analysis. I also teach in the courses Materials Analysis and Materials Knowledge for master students. In addition to this I have acted as a guest lecturer in courses at master and graduate level.

Robin Elo

Senior research engineer at Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Applied Materials Science

+4618-471 6805