Urban Wiklund

My teaching and my research relate to material science; how materials around us are structured and how their structure and composition dictate their properties. Nature has given the natural materials their properties while we may to control and tailor the properties of the materials we produce ourselves.

The structures and properties of a material determine how we can produce, form and utilize the materials, both in our everyday lives and in engineering situations. They also determine which tools and tool materials are needed to process or shape them. All this is reflected in my interest in topics ranging from mechanical components, in everything from biological systems to machines, to tools for producing and processing the materials they consist of. I evaluate the mechanical and tribological performance of components and tools in laboratory tests on different scales, ranging from tests of real life component down to nanoscale mechanical and tribological testing, and I analyze friction, damage and wear mechanisms with high-resolution microscopy and analysis.

In 1999 received my PhD on mechanical and tribological properties of thin ceramic multi-layered coatings. For many years, surface engineering was my main topic as I aimed to give tools or components high wear resistance or low friction. Today, my research relates also to bulk properties including mechanical, tribological, manufacturing and machining aspects of materials from all material classes; polymers, metals and ceramics as well as engineering composites and natural composites such as stone and wood.

I teach several courses in materials science to undergraduate students and I am the program manager for the international master's program in additive manufacturing at Uppsala University.

Urban Wiklund

Professor at Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Applied Materials Science

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