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PH.D. Positions

No position available at the moment.

Please contact Klaus Leifer if you have a proposal for a PhD project.

Master thesis works

Master thesis work on electrical characterisation of ion irradiated graphene This work concerns an effort to isolate avenues for tuning the electronic properties of graphene, a recently discovered truly two-dimensional form of carbon with very exciting properties. The central theme consequently concerns synthesis and characterisation of functionalised graphene, aiming at building graphene based devices for electronics applications. The involved team comprises leading expertise in experimental materials science, device oriented research and materials theory. The group of electron microscopy and nano-engineering has started its work on graphene more than 3 years ago. To put the above strategy in place, in this Master thesis work, graphene sheets will be synthesised, electrically contacted and modified using different ion bombardment techniques. After ion bombardment, the electrical and structural properties will be measured and compared. We look for an enthousiastic and good Master student in Physics or Materials Science.

Please send questions and applications to Klaus Leifer.

Examination Project Works

Analysis of order and disorder of nanoparticles in solutions using microscopy techniques

The structural arrangement of nanoparticles is important for many applications. They can self-assemble even while dispersed in liquids to form a range of ordered structures that resemble atomic crystals and liquids. Observation of these structures poses a number of challenges and this project will use electron microscopy with a quenched sample combined with an advanced technique to remove controlled slices of material to determine a three-dimensional picture of the nanostructures.
The project will build on existing working in Materials Physics, Department of Physics and Astronomy, on preparation and structure of these materials and the electron microscopy facilities in the Department of Engineering.

Please contact Klaus Leifer or Adrian Rennie for more details.

Last modified: 2023-06-26