Methods and Instruments

In Addition to Nano Synthesis/Analysis methods and equipments available at Micro Structure Laboratory, We at ELMiN lab have developed a lab equipped with High-end electrical characterization instruments. Inclusion of Multimode 8 AFM has enhanced our competence in atomic force microscopy for property measurement and material characterization. 

More details about the instruments available at ELMiN can be found below    

Instruments in ELMiN Lab

Instruments in ELMiN lab
  • Semiconductor parameter Analyzer (Agilent B1500a)
  • Sub femto Amp source meter (Keithley 6430)
  • Nano Voltmeter (Keithley 2182a)
  • DC and AC current source (Keithley 6221)
  • Custome made Gas sensing station (Aps-4 probestation coupled with mass flow controller and source meters, housed inside a fumehood)
  • Mass flow meter/controller (Brooks 5878)
  • Arbitrary waveform generator (UTG-2062)
  • Carl suss probe station 
  • UV VIS IR light source (Ocean Optics-DH2000)
  • Scaning monochromator (Monoscan 2000)
  • Laboratory power supply

Last modified: 2023-06-26