Staff at Materials in Medicine

Håkan Engqvist - Professor

I am the founder and leader of the MiM group. My research is focused towards understanding of the connection between synthesis, structure and properties of biomaterials, especially bioceramics for hard tissue replacement and drug delivery. 


Wei Xia - Professor

  • PhD in Materials Science and Engineering, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

I am currently responsible for the research on “Biomaterials: synthesis and characterization” in the Materials in Medicine group. I am interested in Synthetic Bio- and customized- materials, and my research is focused on:

  1. Advanced Glass Ceramics/Ceramics for dental and spinal applications
  2. Nano-structured bioactive ceramics for bone repair and regeneration
  3. Antipathogenic Materials
  4. Additive Manufacturing in Ceramics
  5. Ceramics for DDS, e.x. Guided neuron growth, ASIT, Pain reliever, Transdermal delivery


Caroline Öhman Mägi - Senior Lecturer

Bio coming soon

Lena Klintberg - Senior Lecture

Glass ceramics

Philip Procter - Adjunct Professor

  • Chartered Engineer (FIMechE, UK) and Chartered Scientist (FIPEM, UK)
  • PhD. Biomedical Engineering, Strathclyde University, Scotland.
  • BTech. Mechanical Engineering, Brunel University London, UK.

I am industry-based, self-employed and my main interest is in translating biomaterials from the laboratory to clinical use to match unmet clinical needs. My research interests are:

  1. Biomimetic injectable biomaterials
  2. Tissue adhesives
  3. Bone graft substitutes


Peter Thomsen - Guest professor

Bio coming soon

Michael Pujari-Palmer - ASSOCIATE RESEARCHER

  • PhD in Engineering Physics with Specialization in Materials Science, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden.
  • MSc in Biomedical Engineering, University of Texas, Arlington, USA.
  • BSc in Biochemistry and Cell Biology, University of California, San Diego, USA.

My research focuses on the interaction between cells, tissues and biomaterials. There are three main lines of research: a) Development of a new type of biocompatible bone and cartilage tissue adhesive, which bonds to metal, ceramic and other tissue surfaces; b) Development of materials that induce bone growth (osteoinductive materials), specifically involving inorganic additives that mimic growth factors, like BMP-2; c) Identifying the contribution of inflammation, and immunomodulation by bioceramics, on osteoinduction.


Jonas Åberg - Associate Researcher

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Vitalii Shtender - Research Engineer

Research interests:

  1. Materials Science of Solid-State Chemistry.
  2. X-ray and N-ray crystallography.
  3. Functional materials for magnetic applications (Mn-based) and hydrogen storage (Mg-based)

Giannis Katsaros - PhD student

  • MSc in Biomechanics, Loughborough University, UK.
  • MSc in Materials Science and Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, Greece.

I am a PhD student working in the NU-Spine network. The main focus of my PhD is material development of silicon nitride for biomedical, mainly spinal, applications. I am aiming to produce mechanically sound, osteoconductive and antibacterial silicon nitride materials either through spark plasma sintering or through various surface modification techniques. 


Huasi Zhou - PhD student

MSc, Imperial College London, UK

I am a PhD student working in Glass ceramics and NuSpine projects. 


Torbjörn Mellgren - PhD student

  • MSc in Chemical Engineering, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden.

In order to treat bone voids caused by trauma, cancer or birth defects, such as cleft palate, bone is routinely harvested from other parts of the patient’s own body. The aim of my research is to find synthetic alternatives, based on calcium phosphate, which perform as good or better than harvested bone. My research includes inorganic synthetic, material characterization and pre-clinical evaluation of these materials.


Chettri, Sushmita - Guest PhD student

- SSSIHL and Uppsala University

- VR project : dental implant


Mengjie, Guo - Master Student

Porous membrance and polyphosphate gel for biomedical applications


Dan, Zhou - Master Student

Ceramic implant with long-term antipathogenic effect


Valaka, Nikoleta - Eramus student

Structural ceramics in glass matrix

Qingyu Yang - Master student

Oxynitride composites for long-term antipathogenic effect

PhD Graduated

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Last modified: 2023-10-04