We teach in undergraduate courses in bachelor program in Stuctural Engineering and in mechanics courses in various programs on the master level.

Courses in Bachelor and Master programmes

Study period code course
Period 1 1TE443 Structural Design in Construction Engineering
1TE635 Solid Mechanics
1TE654 Solid Mechanics
Period 2 1TM112 Computational Mechanics of Materials I
1TE403 Structural Mechanics and Design
1TE443 Structural Design in Construction Engineering
Period 3 1TM103 Structural Optimisation for Additive Manufacturing
1TE601 Structural Mechanics I
1TE607 Solid mechanics
1TE654 Solid mechanics
Period 4 1MI170 Solid Mechanics with Finite Elements Methods
1TE026 Solid Mechanics Analysis with Finite Elements
1TE601 Structural Mechanics II
1TE676 Continuum mechanics
1TE761 Applied mechanics II

PhD courses

Twice a year, in spring and autumn, the course 'Scientific Writing 2 hp' (FTN0030) is taught.

Contact: Bengt Lundberg

“Research Methodology, FTN0412”, with 4 credits during April-May 2023, more info

Contact: Mahmoud Mousavi

We regularly give PhD courses in continuum mechanics, finite element modeling etc.

Contact: Kristofer Gamstedt

Diploma work

At the Division of Applied Mechanics we can offer a number of suitable projects for MSc theses, Bachelor thesis and smaller project courses. If you are a student at Uppsala University, feel free to contact any faculty member in the division for more information. You can find contact information under People.

List of potential project topics.

Last modified: 2023-02-24