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Should you wish to initiate a project with Customized Microfluidics, you will work through a series of phases and decision gates which assist in project tracking and ensuring your goals and expectations are in line with our processes.

Test Bed - NEW - 

Customized Microfluidics is pleased to announce an exciting new opportunity for users to test their microfluidic devices with high-end pumps and microscope available at Uppsala University. Users can book the equipment for up to 80 (non-consecutive) hours at a rate of 150 SEK per hour. Contact for more details.


When you first approach Customized Microfluidics, you will be offered a free 1-hour consultation to discuss your project needs and whether this service is the right one for you. This meeting will be held with one of our experts either in person, by phone or by Zoom, who will listen to your ideas and gather information regarding your requirements. As well as discussing a potential project, we can provide budgetary and scientific input for funding applications, and even recommend other commercial suppliers or foundries that are best suited to your needs. Customized Microfluidics reserves the right to decline requests due to limited resources, technically unfeasible requests or where more suitable commercially available options are available. If there are IPR issues within the project, we are able to provide a non-disclosure agreement.

Our expert will investigate the required fabrication processes of the envisioned device and in this way assess the feasibility of the requested design. If necessary, we provide feedback and/or propose iterations to create a feasible prototype. If both sides agree that the project is feasible and wish to proceed, you will move onto the next phase. You will be asked to sign a Project Cooperation Agreement before further development and production, which lays out the terms of the service provision and includes important information such as the project plan, expected budget and delivery date.

Development, Production & Validation

One of our experts will be responsible for the design and development process. Based on all existing information, a design is made that will be presented to you. The time frame of a prototype run depends on the complexity of the microsystem and fabrication design, and the subsequent number of adjustments that have to be made. Every request is unique, and as such, the development-production-validation stages may be iterative. Finally, you can expect to receive a device according to the approved design.

Last modified: 2023-06-26