Welcome Belen, Estelle and Himesh!


We are happy to have new members of BMS group at the division of Biomedical Engineering !

  • Belén Alonso Rancurel - a PhD student in WISE-materials initiative, who is going to work under supervision of Prof. Cecilia Persson and co-supervision of Dr. Fracesco D'Elia and Assoc. Prof. Martin Fisk. Belen will perform simulation and microstructure prediction of Mg-based 3D printed alloys for biomedical applications.
  • Himesha Abenayake is a PhD student under supervision of Dr. Francesco D'Elia and co-supervision on Prof. Cecilia Persson, his project will focus on development of a multi-component biodegradable Zn-based alloy suitable for selective laser melting.
  • Dr. Estelle Palierse is a postroctoral researcher in the group who is going to be involved in the work on the influence of viscoelasticity and topography of 3D bioprinted constructs on the behaviour and function of immune cells together with Assist. Prof. Morteza Aramesh.

Warm welcome!

Last modified: 2023-06-26