Advanced forming methods for prototype production and upscaling of ceramic based total disc replacement

In this research, advanced techniques will be utilized for prototyping and upscaling of ceramic based total disc replacement (TDR) focusing on the cervical side. For this, advanced and innovative biomechanical test scenarios will be developed in order to mimic the physiological conditions i.e. simultaneous combination of motion and load patterns in primary planes. Based on this detailed investigation of the mechanical behavior of the disc prosthesis will follow. In Addition, biomechanical testing of implants will be performed according to international standard ASTM F2346-18 and new test procedures that address ceramic specific aspects of all ceramic implants (proof testing) will be developed. Static and dynamic tests will be performed to evaluate and optimize the design. In-vitro testing set up will be designed and developed by taking the advantage of in-silico method in order to find an appropriate technique. Validation of the test setups will be ensured by experimental data.

The main expected outcomes would be: 

  1. • Clinically relevant test scenarios 
  2. • Evaluation of new metal free total disc replacements (TDRs). 
  3. • Biomechanically tested prototypes 
  4. • Upscaling of manufacturing strategies 

At this stage, I am working on MTS machine setup and its controlling system (Fig1) to obtain a good functionality of the machine during the test with minimized error and planning new innovative tests which resemble more physiological condition. 
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Last modified: 2021-08-13