“CeramTec Medical Products Division"

The CeramTec Group is a world-wide manufacturer of advanced ceramics with an annual revenue of about €620 million and more than 3500 employees in 20 production sites.

CeramTec Medical has more than 40 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of metal-free orthopedic and dental implants. The brands BIOLOX® and DENSILOX® are synonymous with expertise in ceramics and the most stringent production quality based on modern technologies such as ceramic injection molding.

CeramTec Medical is a strategic partner at the interface between materials and clinical applications. In close collaboration with implant manufacturers, CeramTec Medical develops innovative implant designs and offers value-added services from R&D and Regulatory to large-scale production and sterile-packed products.

Address: CeramTec GmbH, CeramTec-Platz 1-9, 73207 Plochingen, Germany

Website: https://www.ceramtec-medical.com/en/

The CeramTec Group is an international leading supplier of advanced ceramics with annual sales of 600 million Euro and 3500 employees in Europe, Asia and America. With a tradition of more than 100 years, CeramTec serves major markets like automotive, electronics and the medical segment with highly innovative products and components.

Role in the project: CeramTec is the leader of work package (WP) 3 - Structural design and advanced mechanical characterization of novel materials and implants for the spine. CeramTec contributes to WP2 and contributes to the supervision of early stage researchers (ESRs) participating in the project, i.e. ESR10 (Design of an all-ceramic TDR), ESR12 (Development, characterization and scale-up of all-ceramic TDR), and ESR6 (Development of adverse testing scenarios for TDR). 

Dr.-Ing. Roman Preuss, VP Development at CeramTec’s Medical Products Division, received a doctoral degree in Mechanical Engineering from Ilmenau University of Technology (Germany). He has been working in different responsibilities in the field of research and development at CeramTec since 2004 and has detailed knowledge in design and testing of ceramic implants under the regulation for class III medical devices.

Dipl.-Ing. Markus Flohr, Hd of Testing at CeramTec’s Medical Products Division, received his degree 2004 from the University of Stuttgart (Germany). He is responsible for testing of ceramic implants for more than 12 years and contributed to a variety of new developments such as ceramic knee and ceramic hip resurfacing systems. He has deep knowledge in medical product development especially with regards to mechanical integrity and testing of ceramic implants.

Last modified: 2023-06-09