Ionbond (IHI Ionbond AG) provides highest performance PVD, CVD and PACVD wear protection, low friction and decorative coatings as well as coating equipment. With 39 service centers in 17 countries in Europe, North America and Asia Ionbond has one of the largest networks in the world. The company has been involved in this market for over 40 years and offers the broadest set of coating technologies in the industry. Our expertise goes far beyond our industry-leading CVD coating services and equipment with extensive coating portfolios based on PVD and PACVD technologies as well. Ionbond is operationally headquartered in Olten, Switzerland and has over 1100 employees worldwide.

Role in the project: Ionbond will host ESR 9 (Developing ceramic coatings for spinal applications) and co-supervise ESRs 3 (combinatorial coating development for spinal applications), 14 (tribological behaviour and corrosion of bulk material and ceramic coatings in the spinal context) and 15 (effects of wear debris and corrosion products on neural tissues). Ionbond will be contributing to two courses, including topics such as coating development theory and practice, and business leadership.

Dr Antonio Santana has a PhD degree in Physics from EPF in Lausanne Switzerland, after 5 years at CERN-Switzerland in the field of Non-evaporable Getter Coatings. He is the Global Head Segment Medical at IHI Ionbond.

Dr Markus Tobler has a Dr. sc. technology from ETHZ, Switzerland. He has been responsible for product management and process development of PACVD technology in IHI Ionbond since 1986 and has broad experience in plasma technology and equipment design/construction, as well as  in thin film process/application developments.

Dr Susann Schmidt has a PhD degree in material physics from Linköping University, IFM, Thin Film Physics Div., Linköping, Sweden. She is currently the Global Segment Medical Engineer, IHI Ionbond AG in Olten, Switzerland.

Last modified: 2021-08-13