Key Engineering Solutions Limited are an engineering services company who facilitate our customers to know no bounds and help them to solve the most challenging of robotic and automated problems. The business is based in Leeds, England, employs 3 people and has a turnover of approximately €420k. The company possesses expertise in the following core technology areas: robotic systems, embedded control, cloud-based asset management and real-time vision applications. These strengths to our business are applicable to and translatable across sectors and disciplines and have enabled us to work for a variety of multi- national companies including Gillette, Smith & Nephew and James Fisher Nuclear. The company has built up a portfolio of award-winning innovative solutions, at both national and global level (Application of the Year 2013, Engineering Impact Awards, Texas). The company is a key supplier and partner for an agricultural robotic system that is distributed and sold throughout the European Union, as well being an Alliance Partner of National instruments, whom are a global supplier of measurement and control hardware. The company has a subsidiary arm that utilises in-house 3D printing technologies to develop low cost tools for oil and gas pipeline inspection.

Role in the project: Host of ESR8 (development of an advanced control system for spinal simulatorsand), and contributing expertise in measurement, control and automation expertise in WP4.

Dr David Keeling, CEO, is a chartered engineer with expertise in automation, control and measurement. He has a PhD in Biomedical Robotics from the University of Leeds and outputs from it have won numerous national and global awards. He has founded and managed several SMEs and holds a current visiting lectureship with the University of Leeds and helps to ensure that students are being taught what industry demands.

Dr Justin Gallagher, Finance Director, has a PhD in Rehabilitation Robotics from the University of Leeds. He is recognised nationally as an expert in server side scripting and web based programming. He worked as a software engineer in Japan for 4 years and is fluent in Japanese. He is a serial entreprenuer founding consultancy companies and online Software as a Service platforms.

Last modified: 2023-06-09