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MSCA ITN Nu-Spine team


Be Curious is the University of Leeds' annual research open event, which aims to showcase how research at Leeds is making a world of difference to people’s lives.

Kaushikk Iyer from the Unviersity of Leeds School of Mechanical Engineering and Key Engineering Solutions is developing spinal simulators to help test spinal disc implants, to ensure they can be used to treat patients safely.

Here is a short presentation about Kaushikk's research:

Beril Saadet Yenigul from the University of Leeds, explains tribology (that's the science and engineering of interacting surfaces in motion) and how it can be applied to our joints and develop joint replacements:

Xiaoyu Du from ETH Zurich is in her kitchen, she uses a very creative way to explain how spinal fusion surgery works and what is the main purpose of her research:

Last modified: 2023-06-09