Supradeepa Panual Ganesan: Investigation of the antibacterial properties of Polymer-Graphene composites

I am a Master Student from Lund University and I am performing my Master thesis at BMS group at Uppsala University. The main objective of the project is to study the effect of manufacturing techniques (Additive Manufacturing-FDM /Injection Moulding) used for the composite and investigate its properties. Results of this research hopefully can broaden the understanding of the underlying antibacterial mechanisms with reference to graphene-polymer composites. The project is a part of the Additive Manufacturing for the Life Sciences Competence Centre.

Short CV:

2019-2021: MSc-Masters in Production and Materials Engineering (Lund University, Sweden)

2018-2019: PGDAMT- Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Manufacturing Technology (CSIR-CMERI, India)

2014-2018: B.E - Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering (Medicaps-RGPV, India)


Last modified: 2023-06-09