SOFTBONE Workpackages

WP1. Management and Coordination

The overall objecve of this work package is to establish an efficient and professional project management and coordination in order to continuously orientiate all activies towards the project objectives and to ensure their fulfilment within the project time-plan and budget.

WP2. Randomized Clinical Trial

In this WP the statiscal analyses and the results of the RCT performed during 2020-2021 will be evalutated. The primary Outcome is to show a 75% reduction in re-fracture rate with the new soft cement compared with convenonal bone cement 

WP3. Innovation & R&D activity

In this work package we will simulate the performance of the soft cement in fractured vertebral bodies and in degenerated discs to scientifically explain the clinical outcome for different individual conditions, fracture types and shapes of the degenerated discs.

WP4. Marketing plan and business growth

In this work package we will create a markeng and communicaon plan to spread the word of the new soft cement on conferences and fairs to make the soft cement the first choice in vertebral augmentaon. This work package also includes a socio-economic report comparing the associated cost in vertebral fracture treatment when using the new soft cement and conventional bone cement. Finally this WP, includes the creation of a strategy to sign a license agreement with our next customer. 

WP5. Communication & Dissemination

This WP serves to disseminate the project results to external parties. It intends to prepare and facilitate scienfic publications of important results, such as the simulation and clinical feasibility of the new indication in degenerated discs and most importantly the outcome of the RCT. Handling of IPR will be specified in the consortium agreement and an overview of IP matters is also included in this work package.

WP.6 Knowledge triangle integration

Training in entrepreneurship, innovation and creation of start-up company. The WP also includes interactions between the technical and the medical faculties within the project to exchange knowledge through workshops on different themes connected to development of medical devices 

Last modified: 2023-06-26