2021 Conference Season


Conference season is in full swing - we've  already had a number of talks, poster presentations and even won a prize! Here's what we've been getting up to:

Hannah: EUROoCS 2021 "Evaluation of biocompatibility of acoustic
focusing of cells in hydrogel droplets" on 1 July

Zhenhua:  Acoustofluidics "Enabling off-chip analysis for in-droplet enzyme reactions using acoustophoresis" on 26 August

Sarah-Sophia: 31st Conference of the European Society for Biomaterials (ESB 2021) "Biomaterials on chip: an alternative method to screen the biological properties of biomaterials" on 8 September

And here's what's still to come:

Hannah: µTAS 2021 "Acoustofluidic method to align polystyrene beads and cells in hydrogel droplets" on 12 October

Zhenhua: µTAS 2021 "Time-controlled Microbead-based Reactions in Droplets using Acoustophoresis" on 13 October.

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