The EMBLA group

The research of the EMBLA group is based on microfabrication and microfluidics with applications in the life sciences. 

One research direction is organs-on-chip where we focus on developing reliable alternatives to animal testing. We achieve this by culturing cells in minaturised systems where we can precisely control the paramaters of the cell cultures. These systems can then be used as models of the different biological barriers of the human body. The systems can be applied both for fundamental research, to better understand the cellular processes that controls drug delivery. It is our ambition that our developed systems in the future will be used as screening platforms within the pharmaceutical industry.

Another area of our research is droplet acoustofluidics where we use our experties in microfabrication of glass and silicon and integrated acoustics. The microfluidic channels are used to generate water based droplets surrounded by oil. Each droplet can be used as a minaturised reaction chamber for individual cells. We also develo microfluidic systems for large scale bacterial manipulation and analysis. We then use acoustic forces to manipulate particles and cells that are encapsulated inside these droplets.

Last modified: 2023-06-26