ERC Consolidator Grant PHOENIX

Project Summary

The project 'PHOENIX', or 'Paving the way for High-throughput Organoid ENgineering using Integrated acoustiX' will further expand the droplet microfluidics toolbox that the Tenje lab has pioneered during the last ten years, to gain control of the cellular architecture of the organoids by using integrated acoustics. For the project, we will collaborate with researchers from Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands, and researchers at Karolinska Institute and Lund University in Sweden.

PHOENIX will allow the Tenje lab to:

  1. Develop biocompatible acoustofluidic methods for manipulation of stem cells in viscous media
  2. Acquire spatio-temporal control of the organoid differentiation process via microfluidic solutions
  3. Integrate vascular networks in cerebral organoids using microfabrication techniques
  4. Validate added benefits and improved functionality of cerebral organoids generated on-chip


Last modified: 2023-07-31