Project Summary

Biological barriers are the protective structures of our bodies that separate the “inside” from the “outside” with the role to provide the body with a stable environment. Each barrier has its own distinct design and biological structure but common to all is that they comprise several different cell types that strictly control the passage of molecules to avoid the introduction of compounds that could be harmful for us. Whilst this has evolved to benefit us, at the same time it can be a challenge for drug delivery, as all pharmaceuticals have to cross at least one biological barrier before they can work.

The overall aim of this project is to fabricate organs-on-chip model systems of biological barriers in biologically-derived materials. To achieve this, we focus on developing a microfabriation tool-box of hydrogels with the aim to unlock the use of next generation animal-free ‘barrier-on-chip’ models that can be used to speed up drug development, serve as screening platforms for nanotoxicology and help medical researchers to understand how drug delivery works.

The ERC Starting Grant SONGBIRD ended in March 2023.


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We gratefully acknowledge funding from the European Research Council under grant agreement no. 757444

Duration: 01 Jan 2018 - 31 Apr 2023


Last modified: 2023-08-31