Research partnerships

We are very interested in partnering with external actors to deliver the greatest possible benefits to society. You can provide us with new perspectives and questions and we can produce important knowledge to support your innovations and activities – it’s quite simply a win-win situation!

By partnering with us, you have access to theoretical knowledge, some of the best minds in engineering, innovative solutions, and facilities to suit your needs. Our researchers are also skilled project managers and excellent partners. Read about the different kinds of partnering possibilities and ways to contact us below.

Looking forward to having the pleasure of working with you! 

Partnering opportunities

Two forms of partnering for research projects

In research, there are two possible forms of partnering: commissioned research and collaborative research. You can read more about the differences between these two forms of partnering here: Commissioned research and collaborative research

Staff exchanges

Adjunct professors: An opportunity for knowledge exchange between the University and the community by employing qualified individuals who have their principal economic activity outside the University on a part-time basis. These positions are personal to particular individuals and therefore are not advertised. You can sometimes apply for funding for adjunct professors and other strategic mobility from the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF) and Vinnova. 

Adjunct Professor Susanne Norgren sits in front of a computer in a research lab together with a doctoral student.
Read an article about an adjunct professor from Sandvik:
 “Friction-free partnering on hard materials” (in Swedish only)

Externally employed doctoral students: An externally employed doctoral student has a job in the private sector or public sector but is permitted to carry out research studies on a part-time basis as part of their job without any impact on their salary. A contract is signed between the Department and the company/organisation to clarify the obligations of the company/organisation in the doctoral student’s studies. Some externally employed doctoral students complete most of their studies at their workplace, while others spend most of their time at the Department where they have been admitted. Often the doctoral student has one supervisor at the workplace and another at the Department. Doctoral students being able to access experience and resources from several quarters is extremely valuable. There are a number of ways of applying for funding for externally employed doctoral students. Contact our outreach coordinator for more information.

Get access to research infrastructures and environments

Below is a list of the facilities where we offer access options to external parties. Due to competition rules, we must cover our full costs for this access. There may also be opportunities to hire some of our facilities if there is a benefit to both parties.

Myfab Uppsala – Research infrastructure for cleanroom-based research
Myfab is a distributed national research infrastructure for cleanroom-based research and development in microtechnology, nanoscience and materials research. Along with Uppsala University, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Chalmers University of Technology and Lund University contribute to this comprehensive infrastructure, serving about 800 users with a similar number of instruments. Myfab is open for scientific research as well as industrial development.

Other facilities - It may be possible to use other equipment and premises than those offered by Myfab. On our divisions' webpages, you can find information about the infrastructure available. Feel free to contact us with an inquiry.

Contacts / Access

The Department’s outreach coordinator
You are naturally welcome to contact our researchers directly, but if you are unsure who to contact, or would like to discuss partnering opportunities more generally, you can also contact the Department’s outreach coordinator:

Ångström Materials Academy (ÅMA) 
– your portal to Uppsala University’s collective materials research and a hub for targeted research and development partnerships. 
Want to know more about ÅMA?
Contact Ernesto Gutiérrez

Centres of expertise and research, platforms and networks in which we are involved, and where companies, government agencies and other knowledge institutions can meet and share knowledge and ideas within a given subject area.

UU Innovation  is a university-wide portal to partnerships between businesses, organisations and the University’s researchers. They offer support at every stage of the process – from inspiration, matchmaking and knowledge sharing to fully-fledged and funded partnerships. They also offer various forms of meetings and events, including AIMDay Materials

UppTech is an initiative in the field of technology across disciplinary boundaries which is run by the Faculty of Science and Technology at Uppsala University. Its aim is to promote exciting development projects between the University’s world-leading research in technology and the business community, or other external partners. At Uppsala University, we offer research and education within most subject disciplines, which gives us a unique basis for taking on complex societal challenges.

Last modified: 2022-02-24