Our Spin-Off Companies

Department of Engineering Sciences has many years of experience in running research from idea to finished products on the market. This is reflected in our successful collaborations with business and in our viable spin-off companies. The research gives rise to an average of two new companies per year. Here are some of them:

Adamantis AB – develops optics with the help of micro and nano structures of diamond

Chromogenics AB – develops electrochromic products to save energy and provide better indoor environment.

ÅAC Microtec – develops miniaturized multi-functional electronic systems

Dirac Research AB – works among others with sound analysis and sound optimization

Disruptive Materials – is based on the discovery of a completely new material, Upsalite ™, which is a world-leader at absorbing moisture

NanoSpace AB – develops aerospace products based on micro and nanotechnologies

Nova Diamant AB – develops products using CVD synthetic diamonds

Primateria AB – offering among other things surface technological services for cutting tools

Rotundus AB – develop robots, such as the spherical robot GroundBot

Rolling Optics AB – develops hologram with enhanced depth and clarity

Seabased AB – develops systems for extracting electrical energy from ocean waves

Solibro AB – develops thin-film solar cells

Vertical Wind AB – develops wind turbines with vertical turbine shafts

Energy Potential AB – holding company focusing on the renewable energy industry

Current Power Sweden AB – develops systems for extracting energy from flowing water

Integrated Antennas AB – develops antennas for instance GPS, WLAN, Bluetooth, digital TV, the RF-ID, UWB, WiMax and GSM

NanoLogica AB – developing materials for medicines and cosmetics by tailoring including solubility, stability and controlled release in the body

Tsonic AB – develops ultrasonic sensors and ultrasonic instruments

Last modified: 2022-02-22