Formalities for PhD Education

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There are about 80 PhD students at the department of materials science, the Ångström Laboratory. Each PhD student belongs to one of the many research divisions at the department. The PhD studies follows a study plan which has two parts:  the general study plan for each research subject/specialization, and the individual study plan.


Getting a position as PhD student at the department is a two-step process. First apply to an open PhD position, secondly (after getting the position) apply to be admitted to the research education, i.e:

1. Check our open positions and follow the instructions in the advertisement. Alternatively, directly contact the professor of the subject of interest and check if there is an open position.

2. Once being accepted to a position apply to be admitted to the actual research education following the instructions below.

Complete applications for the research education should be sent to the director of post-graduate studies at the department (prof. Jörgen Olsson) no later than two weeks before the department Admission meetings. Due dates for applications for the firsthalf of year 2024 are 15 Jan, 19 Feb, 11 March, 15 April, and 27 May. 

Visit Teknat webside for all forms and templates.

Complete applications shall include:

  • Cover page
  • Application form (signed by applicant)
  • Individual study plan (signed by applicant, supervisors and responsible professor)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Attested copies of diplomas, transcript of records, and other relevant documents
  • For industry PhD students: contract between department and company . This contract has to be approved by the Legal Affairs Division at the Uppsala Univeristy
  • For PhD student employed at another university: contract between department and other university 

Applicants graduated at a foreign university shall normally also include:

  • The official evaluation of diploma by the national Agency for Higher Education
  • Letter of recommendation from a recognised university
  • Statement of special qualifications for the desired specialization
  • Statement of language skills

PhD Courses

All PhD students has to read courses as part of their education. The amount of courses varies between different subjects/specializations. The following cources are mandatory or strongly recommended:

Available courses (not complete):

Open positions

Candidates should contact the responsible professor for the subject/specialization of interest. Our open positions are also announced at our web.

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