What is it like to be a PhD student at the Department of Engineering Sciences?

”My curiosity motivates me to find answers in my field of research. It would be really fantastic if some of the bio materials I develop would help future patients for real! The working climate is great and I have many colleagues that I can discuss new ideas with. In addition to all the knowledge here I have also access to a lot of important equipment” Maria Pettersson

”For me it is inspiring to be able to initiate and conduct a research project, from the begining to the end. I am motivated by the possibility that my research may have a real impact to the mankind. Even though my research is in electronics, the project is about cancer. I do something meaningful while I am having a great deal of fun!” Malkolm Hinnemo

"The Ångström facility is such a huge structure boastin not only machines, but also highly qualified personnel. I have everything I need to perform my research here. My research is related to real world applications, which I like a lot. For instance we develop materials for high frequency applications, such as mobile phones and wireless sensor networks." Milena Moreira

“I appreciate the freedom to let my own interest motivate the research. I can read a scientific article about someone having done something interesting, and I get curious and want to try it out in my own field of research. Many of our projects are financed by the industry. It is encouraging to know that nano-technology is indeed interesting for the industry” Petter Tammela