Celsius-Linné föreläsningarna 2023

  • Datum: –16.15
  • Plats: Ångströmlaboratoriet Eva von Bahr
  • Föreläsare: Professor Johan Rockström, Potsdam University. Professor John A. Rogers, Northwestern University
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  • Arrangör: Faculty of Science and Technology
  • Kontaktperson: Karin Thellenberg
  • Telefon: 018-471 49 47
  • Seminarium

Varje år arrangerar teknisk-naturvetenskapliga fakulteten Celsius-Linné föreläsningarna till minne av Anders Celsius och Carl von Linné. Detta års Celsius-Linné föreläsare är professor Johan Rockström, Potsdam University och professor John A. Rogers, Northwestern University.

Välkommen till 2023 års Celsius-Linné föreläsningar

09.00: Welcome to the Celsius-Linnaeus Lectures 2023
Vice-Chancellor Anders Hagfeldt; Vice-rector Johan Tysk, Chairman of the Celsius-Linnaeus Committee Máté Erdélyi.


A safe and just future for humanity on Earth
Johan Rockström, Professor Earth System Science, University of Potsdam and Director Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.

10.15: Coffee-break

10.30: Pivoting between loss and hope in governing a just future for humanity
Emily Boyd, Director of Lund University Centre for Sustainable Studies and Professor in Sustainability Science and Lund University.

11.00: Water in an interconnected world: A key enabler to reach energy and food security?
Claudia Teutschbein, Associate Professor in Hydrology, Department of Earth Sciences, Uppsala University.

11.30: Panel discussion
Professor Johan Rockström, Professor Emily Boyd and Associate Professor Claudia Teutschbein.
Moderator: Professor Giuliano Di Baldassarre, Department of Earth Science, Uppsala University.


Soft, Skin-Interfaced Electronic and Microfluidic Systems.
John A. Rogers, Louis Simpson and Kimberly Querrey Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and Neurological Surgery at Northwestern University and Director of the Querry Simpson Institute for Bioelectronics.

14.15: Coffee-break

14.30: Combining Stem Cell and Device Engineering for In vitro Models of Human Psysiology.
Anna Herland, Associate Professor, Division of Nanobiotechnology, KTH.

15.00: Fat-Intra Body Communication: A new paradigm for intra-body communication technology enabling reinstatement of lost functionalities in human.
Robin Augustine, Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, Uppsala University.

15.30: Panel discussion
Professor John Rogers, Professor Molly Stevens, Associate Professor Robin Augustine.
Moderator: Professor Klas Hjort, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Uppsala University.

16.00: Closing words
Chairman of the Celsius-Linnaeus Committee Máté Erdélyi.