Open Degree Projects

Here you can find information about degree projects. However, also if we have not uploaded any information, there is always a possibilty to work with us. Please contact Klas Hjort, Greger Thornell or Lena Klintberg if you are interested. You can read about our research areas and projects and see what may interest you.

Is there life on Mars?

There is a possibility thet once, and perhaps still, there is life on Mars. Ångström space technology centre (ÅSTC) have since many years developed and done research on an instrument that can give the final clue to the question. Now we are searching for two diploma workers that will help hos improve the detector that is the hart of the instrument, and also to integrate more sensors close to the detector.

If you like working with your hand and data analysis, please contact Anders Persson.

Last modified: 2022-03-04