SSF-Touch - Hardware for Energy Efficient Bodynets

Electronics will increasingly merge with our bodies. Smartphones and watches will give way to various forms of bodyworn networks of sensors and actuators, screens and smart devices woven into our clothing, worn on our skin or even implanted in our bodies. In this new wave of wearable technology, wireless sensor-actuator networks will open a whole range of application possibilities with connectivity across the body and linking to an internet of senses.

Our goal is to provide soft and comfortable bodyworn robotic materials to evoke and feel touch. Out of all the hardware needed to enable the internet of senses, actuating touch will be the most energy-consuming – a challenging obstacle we need to overcome. Our main objective is therefore to bring forth ground-breaking sensor-actuator nodes and energy harvesting, with energy efficiencies at least one order of magnitude higher than what is available today.

For each involved discipline, this requires results at the forefront of the different field, and the PIs together form a unique and outstanding combination of the needed competencies: in body-worn soft and compliant sensor nodes; high-pressure microfluidics and miniaturized actuators; and their materials science; backscatter sensor-actuator network technology; and interaction design addressing touch through intimate correspondence relationships.

Watch this video produced by MIT to learn more about the innovation and how this technology works.


SSF – Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research

Time period

2021 - 2025

Partner organizations

  • Dept Materials Science and Engineering, Uppsala University
  • Dept Information Technology, Uppsala University
  • Dept Human Centered Technology, KTH

Project leader

Klas Hjort, Microsystems Technology, Uppsala University

Project members

  • Thiemo Voigt, Uppsala Networked Objects group, Uppsala University
  • Kristina Höök, Somaesthetic Design group, KTH
  • Madeline Balaam, Somaesthetic Design group, KTH

Blue elastic textile with black visible longitudinal threads.
Last modified: 2022-03-16