Access Modes

Myfab Uppsala is a research infrastructure open to academic research and industrial R&D. There are essentially three ways to utilize the facility resources and your choice should be based on individual needs and background:

Full Service – Experienced lab staff does the work for you and delivers the result. This option is limited by staff capacity and restricted to well defined projects. Any activity suitable for the lab may be provided, but TEM analysis, SEM analysis and microfluidic device fabrication are currently the most established services.

User Access – You or your own staff does the work, after introduction and tool training by lab staff. This do-it-yourself mode is the primary modus operandi of all Myfab laboratories. Lab staff is available to provide technical and user support, i.e. maintaining the infrastructure and assisting the users.

Cleanroom Rental – A customized area in the cleanroom is exclusively dedicated to your activities. Depending on availability some furnishing (benches, cabinets, fume hoods) may be provided, but the general rule is that the area is equipped by the tenant (after approval from lab management). Available space cannot be guaranteed at all times.

Last modified: 2023-06-26