About us

Myfab Uppsala is a research infrastructure for cleanroom based research and development in microtechnology, nanoscience and materials research​. ​It is truly a multi-user environment, bringing together interdisciplinary activities in diverse fields like basic materials science, thin film technology, energy generation and sustainability, emerging electronics, microsystems, nanotechnology and biotechnology.

Myfab Uppsala offers the largest academic cleanroom in Sweden with 2000 m² lab area. Depending on the type of activity and its requirements, the classification in different parts of the lab ranges from class 100 000 (ISO 8) to class 100 (ISO 5).

Research tools and lab activities are divided into three units with a number of disciplines in each; Materials Analysis (Electron Microscopy and Focused Ion Beam, Chemical Analysis, Metrology and Surface Characterization), Materials Synthesis (High Temperature Processing, Thin Film Deposition and Backend Processing), Micro- / Nanostructuring (Lithography, Wet Chemical Processing and Dry Etching).

Myfab Uppsala is one of the nodes of Myfab, a Swedish national research infrastructrue for micro and nano fabrication where also KTH, Chalmers and Lund University contribute to this comprehensive infrastructure.

Myfab is open for academic research as well as industrial development.

Support and Financing

Last modified: 2021-11-26