Full Service

A full service assignment should start with a discussion, where practical conditions and overall feasibility are evaluated. Depending on the type of service, requested information will vary and the appropriate lab expert will differ. Select one of the entries below to proceed:

Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)

Two TEM instruments, with a number of accessories, are available at Myfab Uppsala. These advanced tools have a great potential in materials research, but the best possible results can only be provided by an experienced and skilful operator. This service should therefore be of equal interest to active lab users and external customers.

Contact:  Lars Riekehr
018 471 7245


Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

Several SEM tools, with EDS and other capabilities, are available at Myfab Uppsala. All together they are the most heavily booked instruments in the lab, indicating a great microscopy need. In order to meet this demand, also from external customers, SEM analysis is offered as a full service option. However, staff capacity may affect lead times and limit the scope of a project.

Contact:   Victoria Sternhagen
070 425 0491


Fabrication of Microfluidic Systems

This service is provided in collaboration with the SciLifeLab platform Customized Microfluidics, but the Myfab offer is open to all. Microfluidic solutions have a great potential in many fields and if you have a need for a customized system we can do the design, fabrication and testing. Frequently used materials include silicon, glass, PDMS and SU-8.

Contact:   Milena Moreira
076 935 1432


Materials Analysis (general)

In addition to electron microscopy (presented separately), materials analysis at Myfab Uppsala offers a number of capabilities in e.g. chemical analysis and surface characterization. Furthermore, in many cases an exhaustive investigation calls for a combination of analysis techniques. The possibilities to provide a full service option for these demands must be evaluated in each individual case.

Contact:   Fredric Ericson
070 425 0467


Basic Process Service (general)

A basic process service should be limited to one or a few process steps and could typically include cleaning, thermal treatment and thin film growth / deposition. Available processes and materials may be found in Myfab LIMS or, sometimes more easily, in a discussion with the lab representative.

Contact:   Tomas Kubart
018 471 7257


Micro- / Nanofabrication (general)

More advanced process services, typically including one or more patterning steps, require more profound preparation and project planning. A project could range from design through fabrication to evaluation. With in-house mask production and optical as well as e-beam lithography, features from some tens of nm and up can be provided. Silicon is normally the preferred material, to be used for the device or just as a carrier.

Contact:   Örjan Vallin
070 167 9348

Last modified: 2021-11-26