Degree projects

We welcome you to contact us if you are interested in doing your degree project with us. Sometimes we have project proposals to give but there is usually something to do. YContact any of our researchers if you are interested.

Read about our research areas and projects and see what may interest you

Here you will find a list of completed degree projects.




Course coordinator

Additive Manufacturing in Polymeric Materials

Master's Programme in Additive Manufacturing
(not given as freestanding course)

Jonas Lind

Nanoporous Materials with Applications

Master's Programme in Materials Engineering
(not given as freestanding course)

Ocean Cheung

Nanotechnology for Industrial Applications in Life Science

Master's Programme in Materials Engineering
(not given as freestanding course)

Albert Mihranyan

Project Work in Nanotechnology 

Freestanding course

Natalia Ferraz

Project Course in Nanotechnology and Functional Materials

Master's Programme in Materials Engineering
(not given as freestanding course)

Natalia Ferraz

Independent Project in Engineering Physics (in Swedish)

Master's Programme in Engineering Physics (in Swedish)
(not given as freestanding course)

Martin Sjödin

Workplace Training in Biomedical Engineering (in Swedish)

Bachelor's Programme in Biomedical Engineering (in Swedish) 
(not given as freestanding course)

Teresa Zardán Gómez de la Torre

Degree Project (link to information higher på on the page)

PhD Courses

The Division also provides courses at postgraduate level. Most are not given regularly so the advertising of these takes place internally. Get in touch if you are interested.
A PhD course that is regularly given is Biological characterization of biomaterials, 5 hp (every 2-3 years).

Executive education for professionals

We sometimes provide executive education for professionals. In autumn 2021 we give an open web-based course named "Understanding nanotechnology-enabled technologies for life sciences applications through real-life examples".

You can access all executive education courses in technology and science via the university's education page.


We offer postgraduate education in the subject Engineering Science with specialization in Nanotechnology and Functional Materials (see study plan)

Become a doctoral student in Nanotechnology and Functional Materials

If you want to become a doctoral student you must first apply for an advertised doctoral student position published among the department's open positions. For more information about the subject specialization, contact Professor Maria Strömme. You can read more about postgraduate education at the department web. 

Defended PhD Theses:


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