Microsensors for in vivo use

This research area involves the development of microsensors for in vivo clinical use, specifically for the localization of anomalous tissues associated with chronic pain.  At present, there is only one research project in the area and that is “In vivo Microsensor for the Localization of Pain Sources”.


In vivo Microsensor for the Localization of Pain Sources

The prevalence of chronic pain in European countries is as high as 30%, resulting in an enormous socio-economic burden. The inability to locate or properly diagnose the pain not only hinders optimal treatment and recovery, but also contributes to patients experiencing a lack of validation of their pain. The overall aim of this project is to develop an in vivo microsensor that will aid the clinician in localizing and identifying muscular tissues associated with chronic neuromuscular or myofascial pain. A medical device of this sort will aid clinicians in locating and diagnosing chronic musculoskeletal pain, which is difficult or impossible to do today. The team has developed a prototype sensor and has ethical approval for a clinical study of the prototype. This project is a collaboration with Doloradix AB and builds on their clinical experience, and is funded by the Swelife and Medtech4Health “Collaborative projects for better health”.  

Watch this video about the project:


For more information please contact responsible researcher: Ken Welch

Last modified: 2022-01-24