Maria Tenje receives prolongation grant from KAW


Prof. Maria Tenje receives a five year prolongation grant to continue the research with her research group EMBLA on organs-on-chip with the aim to reduce the need of animal testing.

"It's a fantastic opportunity to be able to continue our research and build upon the knowledge and technology developments that the lab has achieved during the last five years", says Maria Tenje.

Maria Tenje, head of the Division of Biomedical Engineering at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering became a Wallenberg Academy Fellow 2016.

The programme was created 2012 by the Knut and Allice Wallenberg Foundation (KAW) together with five royal academies and 16 Swedish Universities. The purpose of the grant is to motivate researchers to continue their research in Sweden but also to enable universities to recruit researchers from other countries to build their research in Sweden. Fellows have the possibility to apply for prolongation after five years and ca 40 percent of the applications are granted prolongation.

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