Research at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Materials science and technology is an exciting and vibrant interdisciplinary research area. The Department of Materials Science and Engineering has innovative researchers, state-of-the-art facilities and a highly collaborative research environment that can take on technical and societal challenges both now and in the future. Such as development of new solar cells, development of sustainable energy storage with organic nanomaterials, improvement of biomaterials that can be used in hard tissue applications or as delivery systems for medicines, to name a few. Read more on the division pages. 

Our Divisions

Research centers and other networks

Commitment to a center formation is a good alternative for companies that want to work more long-term with research. Here it is possible to propose and run research projects that require more focused investments. Engaging in a center formation leads to both long-term knowledge building within a relevant subject area and a well-developed network of contacts.

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering runs or participates in several research centers and other larger collaborations within and outside Uppsala University:

Ångström Materials Academy, ÅMA

Additive manufacturing initiative at the Ångström laboratory (AM@Å) 

Medtech Science & Innovation centre

Centre for Natural Disaster Science (CNDS)

Centre of Neutron Scattering 

Centre for Photon Science at Uppsala University

Centre for Renewable Electrical Power onversion (in Swedish)

KIC InnoEnergy

STandUP for Energy

Uppsala Berzelii Technology Center for Neurodiagnostics

Last modified: 2023-11-21