Do you want to learn more about solar cells? These are some relevant undergraduate and PhD level courses you might be interested in. Note that there might be prerequisites for the courses, for example it could be beneficial to have taken a course in solid state physics.

Undergraduate courses

Code Course Credits Contact
1TG312 Renewable Energy Technology 5 hp Marika Edoff
1TE028 Solar Energy - Technology and Systems 10 hp Charlotte Platzer-Björkman
1TE678 Solar Energy Technologies for Electricity Production 5 hp Charlotte Platzer-Björkman
1TE016 Thin Film Technology I 5 hp Tobias Törndahl & Tomas Kubart
1TE741 Thin Film Technology II 5 hp Tomas Kubart & Tobias Törndahl
1TE724 Advanced Solar Cell Design 5 hp Charlotte Platzer-Björkman

PhD courses

Course Credits Contact
Solar Cell Technology 5 hp Tobias Törndahl
Thin Film Technology 10 hp Hans-Olov Blom & Tomas Kubart
Last modified: 2023-06-26