Our activity is collaborating with companies and other research groups. Here you can find some examples of collaboration partners.

Solibro AB was founded as a result of our research on CIGS cells, and they are still developing solar cell modules at Ultuna in Uppsala in collaboration with our research group at Uppsala University. Solibro AB is now part of Solibro GmbH, which is situated in Germany and one of the world-leading companies for manufacturing CIGS-modules. CIGS-modules from Solibro GmbH were recently installed as an integrated part of the façade in Frodeparken in Uppsala.

We are also collaborating with Midsummer AB, a manufacturer of CIGS cells as well as production systems for CIGS cells. The collaboration is partly through an industrial PhD student, which has resulted in the following publications.

Kestcells was an interdisciplinary project to create a network and develop solar cells within the CZTS technology. This project has included conferences and collaborations between research groups and given rise to an exchange of experiences as well as published articles.