Work and live in Uppsala

We are very happy that you are considering Uppsala University as your employer. We have world-leading research in a wide range of areas, not least in thin film solar cells. Here is some useful information and links about working and living here.


If you work at Uppsala University you will probably live in Sweden for some while. Here you can find some reasons to choose Sweden, and a website collecting useful tips and tricks for working in Sweden.

To work in Sweden, you will need a work permit. This is handled by "Migrationsverket", the Swedish Migration Agency, and could take anything between a few months to more than a year; therefore it is useful to apply early. Here you can find information about the application. If you are moving to Sweden you are also generally required to register in the Swedish Population Register (folkbokförd) at “Skatteverket”, the Swedish Tax Agency. Find more information on their website.

As an international employee at Uppsala University, you can get support from International Faculty and Staff services. They organize activities and can help with any questions you may have about working and living in Sweden in general and at Uppsala University in particular. More information about vacant positions, planning your stay and their activities can be found on their website below. Here you can also find a map over ITC and Ångström Laboratory and a map over Uppsala city.


Uppsala is a growing city and it might not always be easy to find a place to live. We recommend that you start looking early. Studentboet is a useful place to start searching, and they also have some other information and guides about housing. You can also search for housing at Uppsala University’s housing office.