Undergraduate courses

Below are the courses given by the division.

Energy Flows and Materials in the Built Environment
Kod: 1TM117
Period: 1
Contact: Ilknur Bayrak Pehlivan and Lars Österlund

Solid State Physics I - 5 credits
Code: 1TE300
Period: 2
Contact: Tomas Edvinsson

Solid State Physics II - 5 credits 
Code: 1TG310
Period: 3
Contact: Roland Mathieu

Functional materials I - 5 credits
Code: 1TE021
Period: 3
Contact: Klas Gunnarsson

Functional materials II - 5 credits
Code: 1TE023
Period: 4
Contact: Lars Österlund

Functional materials III - 5 credits
Code: 1TE069
Period: 1
Contact: Roland Mathieu

Modern Physics - 5 credits
Code: 1TE078
Period: 2
Contact: Klas Gunnarsson

Surface Coatings for Energy Applications -10 credits
Code: 1TE073
Period: 2
Contact: Lars Österlund

Research Training in Materials Science - 15 credits
Code: 1TE703
Contact: Peter Svedlindh

Last modified: 2021-05-20