Magnetic materials

Within the Magnetic materials research group we are studying a wide range of magnetic materials with properties that make them interesting for applications in biotechnology, energy technology and spintronics. We combine magnetic nanoparticles with molecular tools to develop simple yet sensitive diagnostic methods that provide rapid patient responses; we study new permanent magnet materials without content of rare earth metals which can be used in renewable energy sources and magnetocaloric materials that can be used to build energy-smart refrigerators and heat pumps; and we are examining microwave properties of magnetic films and micro / nanostructured magnetic surfaces with the intent to tailor material properties for spintronic applications. We also have a more basic research-oriented activity in which we study mesocrystals composed of magnetic nanoparticles, frustrated magnetic systems and strongly correlated electron systems.

Ongoing research areas

  • Biomagnetic applications
  • Frustrated magnetic systems
  • Magnetic materials for energy and raw material economization
  • Magnetic nanoparticles
  • Transition metal oxides and strongly correlated electrons
  • Magnetic heterostructures optimized for spin-orbit torque magnetization switching and terahertz emission

See the group pages of Roland Mathieu, Tapati Sarkar, and Peter Svedlindh for more information. 

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Last modified: 2022-05-18