Materials for energy efficiency and environmental applications

The research group ”Materials for energy efficiency and environmental applications” is carrying out a  comprehensive thematic effort aimed at functional materials for the built environment, in particular green nanotechnologies for sustainable buildings. The focus is on next generation functional oxides in chromogenic (electrochromic and thermochromic) windows, sensors, photocatalysis, lighting and other applications. We also study novel multilayer and nanostructured oxides for solar energy control and light harvesting, which combine chromogenic, photocatalytic and sensor properties.

We study these subjects by an integrated approach encompassing thin film deposition, experimental studies of electromagnetic and surface (electro-) chemical properties of materials together with computational modelling.

Ongoing research areas

  • Surface coatings for smart windows
  • Optical materials for energy applications
  • Solid state sensors for the indoor environment and health applications
  • Photocatalytic and advanced wetting materials
  • Electrochemistry and electronic structure
  • Solar water splitting
  • Hybrid perovskite solar cells

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