Fundamental surface science studies of photon and electron stimulated reactions in heterogeneous catalysis

The group has a strong research activity on the surface science of heterogeneous (photo)catalytic surface reactions and methods to activate wide band gap metal oxides to change their physicochemical properties. The group explores facet dependent photo-reactivity, adsorption and coordination of small molecules such as SO2, NO2, CO2, HCOOH and CH3COOH, and photo-induced surface reactions on transition metal oxides. A current theme involves solid super acids by means of surface modified metal oxides with sulphate ions e.g., SO4-2-TiO2, SO4-2-MnO2 and SO4-2-ZrO2 by selective reduction of surface cations (Fig. 1a). A cornerstone of the work is operando infrared and Raman spectroscopy to study adsorbate coordination and surface reactions, detailed characterization of electronic and optical properties, and micro-kinetic modelling and quantum chemical calculations (Fig. 1b).

Figure 1: Titania can be made super-acid by means of an electron-attachment mechanism induced by bandgap illumination in presence of diluted (ppm-level) SO2 gas, leading to formation of strongly bonded sulfate groups (-SO4) on the TiO2 surface [2]. (b) Condensation reaction for acetaldehyde on the TiO2 surface studied by operando FTIR spectroscopy unraveling a dimer acetaldehyde species, and a general reaction scheme for acetaldehyde condensation on TiO2 surfaces [8].

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Last modified: 2022-03-15