Nyheter på material i medicin gruppen

MiM var på ESB2017


We were at the 23rd Congress of the European Society of Biomechanics in Seville, Spain.

Caroline Öhman, Cecilia Persson and Dan Wu contributed with the following abstracts:

  • Wu D, Joffre T, Gallinetti S, Öhman Mägi C, Ferguson SJ, Isaksson P, Persson C. Elastic modulus of human single trabeculae estimated by synchrotron CT experiments and numerical models. 
  • Persson J, Helgason B, Engqvist H, Ferguson SJ, Persson C. Stiffness and strength of cranioplastic implant systems in comparison to cranial bone. 
  • Öhman Mägi C, Holub O, Hall RM, Persson C. Predicting the mechanical properties of vertebral trabecular bone - a review.

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