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Genom tiderna har 67 doktorer disputerat från tribomaterialgruppen

Doktorer och avhandlingar

Sammanfattningar av de senaste avhandlingarna (typiskt 40-70 sidor) kan laddas ner från DiVA genom att följa länken vid respektive författares namn.


Carl Johan Hassila, "Additive Manufacturing of Ni-Fe Superalloys: Exploring the Alloying Envelope and the Impact of Process on Mechanical Properties", Oct 7

Anders Holmberg, "Contact fatigue and crack propagation studies of sintered PM steel", Sep 23

Elin Larsson, "New insights into lubricated tribological contacts", Mar 25


Lisa Toller-Nordström, "Insights into wear and deformation of alternative binder hardmetals", Dec 6.

Magnus Heldin, "Designing grinding tools to control and understand fibre release in groundwood pulping", Aug 23.


Robin Elo, "Protective Tribofilms on Combustion Engine Valves", Apr 13.

Petra Olander, "Tribology for Greener Combustion Engines: Scuffing in Marine Engines and a Lubricating Boric Acid Fuel Additive", Jan 19.


Martina Grandin, "Tribology of Metal-Graphite Composites: A Study of Sliding Electrical Contact Surfaces", Nov 10.


Toshiharu Aiso, "Workpiece steels protecting cutting tools from wear: A study of the effects of alloying elements on material transfer and coating damage mechanisms", Dec 16.


Maria Pettersson, "Silicon nitride for total hip replacements", May 22.


Harald Nyberg, "Formation and Function of Low-Friction Tribofilms", Nov 28.


Peter Forsberg, "Combustion valve wear – A tribological study of combustion valve sealing interfaces", Sep 20.

Irma Heikkilä, "The Positive Effect of Nitrogen Alloying of Tool Steels Used in Sheet Metal Forming", Jun 12. 

Frida Riddar, "Tribological aspects of pneumatic clutch actuators", Apr 12.

Fredrik Gustavsson, "Triboactive Component Coatings: Tribological Testing and Microanalysis of Low-Friction Tribofilms", Feb 22.


Julia Gerth, "Tribology at the Cutting Edge: A Study of Material Transfer and Damage Mechanisms in Metal Cutting", Dec 7. 

Natalia Sandberg, "On the Machinability of High Performance Tool Steels", Jun 4.

Jannica Heinrichs, "On transfer of work material to tools", Mar 2.


Benny André, "Nanocomposites for Use in Sliding Electrical Contacts", Dec 9.

Johanna Olofsson, "Friction and Wear Mechanisms of Ceramic Surfaces", Sep 23.

Henrik Jesperson, "Toughness of Tool Steel", Mar 18.


Mattias Lindquist, "Self Lubrication on the Atomic Scale: Design, Synthesis and Evaluation of Coatings", Mar 7.

Magnus Hanson, "On Adhesion and Galling in Metal Forming", Feb 15.


Nils Stavlid, "On the formation of low-friction tribofilms in Me-DLC – steel sliding contacts", Dec 15.

Lars Hammerström, "Mechanisms and Phenomena of Braking and Gripping", Sep 22.

Tag Hammam, "Electrical and Frictional Performance of Tin-Coated Contacts Exposed to Wear and Fretting Corrosion", Mar 10.


Daniel Persson, On the Mechanisms behind the Tribological Performance of Stellites, Dec 16.

Ulrika Pettersson, "Surfaces Designed for High and Low Friction", Jun 7.

Ernesto Coronel, "Solving Problems in Surface Engineering and Tribology by Means of Analytical Electron Microscopy", Mar 11.


Fredrik Svahn, "Tribology of Carbon Based Coatings for Machine Element Applications", Dec 17.

Daniel Nilsson, "Synthesis and Evaluation of TaC:C Low Friction Coatings", Oct 1.

Joakim Andersson, "Microengineered CVD Diamond Surfaces: Tribology and Applications", May 19.

Ulrik Beste, "On the Nature of Cemented Carbide Wear in Rock Drilling", May 7.


Anders Persson, "On Tool Failure in Die Casting", Jun 3.


Lars Kraft, "Calcium Aluminate Based Cement as Dental Restorative Materials", Dec 13.

Richard Westergård, "Enhancement of the tribological properties of plasma sprayed alumina", May 24.


Thomas Björk, "Tribological aspects of aluminium extrusion dies", May 11.

Mattias Berger, "Development and tribological characterisation of magnetron sputtered TiB2 and Cr/CrN coatings", Apr 18.


Olle Wänstrand, "Wear resistant low friction coatings for machine elements - Possibilities and limitations", Nov 17.

Mikael Eriksson, "Friction and contact phenomena of disc brakes related to squeal", May 12.

Maria Nordin, "Design, synthesis and characterisation of multilayered PVD-coatings", Feb 18.

Håkan Engqvist, "Microstructural aspects on wear of cemented carbides", Feb 18.


Filip Bergman, "Tribological nature of squealing disc brakes", Mar 12.

Urban Wiklund, "Mechanics and tribology of micro- and nanolayered PVD coatings", Mar 12.


Rickard Gåhlin, "Micro-scale studies of wear", May 20.


Patrik Hollman, "Micro- and nanocrystalline diamond coatings with extreme wear resistance and ultra low friction"


Mats Larsson, "Deposition and evaluation of thin hard PVD coatings"

Mikael Bromark, "Wear resistance of PVD coatings for tool applications"

Åsa Kassman Rudolphi, "Tribology of Electrical Contacts - Deterioration of Silver Coated Copper"


Arto Alahelisten, "Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Hot Flame Deposited Diamond Coatings"


Niklas Axén, "Abrasive wear of metal matrix composites"

Adam Blomberg, "Friction and wear of ceramics"

Erik Johansson, "Surface modification in tribology"


Per Hedenqvist, "Evaluation of vapour-deposited coatings for improved wear resistance"


Per Wallén, "Simulation on intermittent metal cutting"

Mikael Olsson, "Characterization of ceramic coatings - microstructure, adhesion and wear resistance"


Staffan Jacobson, "Model studies on cutting, grinding and abrasive wear of metals"


Bengt Stridh, "Formation, analysis and performance of selected surface layers and coatings"


Åsa Hammarsten, "Materials response to transient tribological contacts"

Gunnar Brandt, "Wear mechanisms of ceramic cutting tools"


Leif Åhman, "Influence of microstructure on the wear of high speed steel cutting tools"


Ulf Bryggman, "Evaluation of abrasion resistance by means of controlled grooving"


Staffan Söderberg, "Wear on mechanisms and tool life of high speed steels related to microstructure"

José Rendon, "Friction and wear of some high speed steel tribosystems"


Martin Svenzon, "Impact fatigue of valve steel"

Håkan Svahn, "Analysis of Phase Transformations in Ball Bearings and Rolls During Rolling Contact Fatigue"

Sture Hogmark, "Dry wear of tool steels"

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